The summer of 2016 produced a procession of pieces made from cut spruce and banded stripes. Using 2 x 2’s my partner made a deer with an inquisitive turn to its head that had everyone convinced that the animal was meant to be a giraffe. The piece became the  “deer-afe.”

Not to be outdone I followed with “Pole-Boy:” a banded stick figure perched on top of the flag pole holding a Canadian flag, 

The last piece was the Lake Ladder or Scala Gitche-Gumee, a sixteen-foot banded ladder sunk into the sand under Lake Superior and emerging above its surface.  We anchored the piece with a tripod straddled by a platform that held as many rocks as we could pile on it. Firmly anchored, the ladder offered little resistance to the oncoming waves, and stood serenely in the bay for several weeks.

Set in the wind and water under the sun and stars, the banded ladder evoked Medieval ideas of the Scala Paradisi, or ladder to heaven.